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DUCO Premium Butane Lighter Fuel

$1.99 CAD NB34

Duco 300 11x Refined Premium Butane fuel for refillable containers. Great with the  Windproof Refillable Lighter.
  • 11 times refined butane ideal for all lighters
  • 1.96oz [18ml] slim profile canister
  • Fuel is not allowed to be shipped
  • One Size: Slim Can
  • Volume: 1.96oz [18ml]
  • Weight: 0.34 fl.oz [9.72g]
  • Contents: 
    • Refined Premium Butane fuel for all butane lighters
    • 11x more refined than alternate butane fuels
  • Usages: For all Refillable Butane Lighters.