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Recreational Barrel Works Canoe Barrels - New Red (2 Sizes)

$78.95 CAD 40771

The Recreational Barrel Works New Red Canoe Barrel is available in a mid & large size capacity barrel featuring an air-tight plastic lid, a galvanized metal with plastic coating lever locking closure and two sturdy plastic folding handles.   The barrels on their own are ideal for keeping gear safe and dry whether you are ATVing, boating, canoeing, snowmobiling or rafting. This barrel cannot be nested inside other barrels when shipping.

  • 2 Convenient volumetric sizes are available 30L and a 60L 
  • External Folding Grip Handle Configurations
  • Heavy grade virgin polyethylene plastic Canoe Barrels
  • Air & Wateright top and clamp seal closure keeps contents safe and dry
  • Portage Harnesses available for 30L & 60L Only
  • Replacement Parts Available
  • These barrels cannot be nested inside other barrels when shipping.

Other Exciting Recreational Barrel Work Options!

  • Sizing:  2 Sizes / Volume
    • Medium: 8.0 US Gallons [30 litre]
    • Large: 16.0 US Gallons [60 litre]
  • Weight: Regular ~ Volumetric Shipping Weight
    • Medium: 4.74 lbs [2.15kg] ~ Medium: 26.5 lbs [12kg]
    • Large: 8.0 lbs [3.6kg] ~ Large: 41.6 lbs [18.9kg]
  • Dimensions: H x L x W (Size Chart)
    • Medium: 21.75" x 13" x 13" [55.25 x 33 x 33cm]
    • Large: 24 3/8" x 15 ½" x 15 ½" [62 x 39 x 39cm]
  • Maximum Circumference:
    • Medium: 40.25" [102cm]  
    • Large: 49.25" [125cm]
  • Material: Heavy grade polyethylene plastic
  • Handle Configuration:  Folding grip handles
  • Usages: Storage, ATV'ing, boating, canoeing, snowmobiling or rafting.


  • Medium: This Barrel is our mid-sized model, this barrel is compact and still has lots of storage space.
  • Large: This Barrel is our largest barrel, this barrel provides plenty of dry storage capacity. 


Additional Sizing Information:

  • At the widest point, the inner diameter of the opening of a 60L barrel
    • is 12.75 inches [32.5cm]
    • Max circumference 49¼ inches [125cm]
  • At the widest point, the inner diameter of the opening of a 30L barrel
    •  is 9 5/8 inches [24.5cm]
    • Max circumference 40¼ inches [102cm]