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Ryders Norvan Polarized Sunglasses

$89.99 CAD R074P

A classic wayfarer shape, loaded with hidden technical elements. Snap hinges, a vented frame to channel airflow, interchangeable nose pads, inner temple hydrophilic rubber, and a metal badge make the Norvan one of our favorites. Polarized Eyewear & Eliminate Glare & Increase Definition.

    • Polarized Lenses Eliminate Glare & Increase Definition. AR Anti Reflective Lens.
    • Eliminate glare & ambient haze, drastically enhancing definition and allowing you to see through reflections.
    • Anti-reflective (AR) coating, a standard for all Ryders polarized.
    • Polarized Green Gradient reduces haze and enhances green tones.
    • Full-Rim Frames encases the entire lens making a more rugged look and preference of people wanting to use their eyewear for other than sport!
    • All lenses block 100% of the UVA, UVB and UVC rays and harmful high energy light to 400nm.
    • Hydrophobic and Oleophobic coating, repels water, dirt and grease.
    • Impact resistant.
    • Optically correct.
    • Scratch resistant coating.
    • Flexible, durable and light weight frame.
    • Hydrophylic Nose Pads & Temple Tips helps to grip when your wet where you need it.
    • Size: OS
    • Frame/Lens Configuration: 
      • Matte Black Frame/Polarized Green AR Anti Reflective Lens
    • Rim: Full-Rim Frame
    • Weight: 1.06oz [30g]
    • Fit: Medium 
    • Gender: Male/Female
    • Type: Polarized Eyewear

    Polarized Technology:

    Where there is light there is always glare. It’s caused when light hits a surface, becomes concentrated, then reflects into your eyes. Polarized lenses eliminate glare from horizontal surfaces [roads, water, ice, snow, etc.] allowing details to show through, drastically reducing eye strain.