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Sea To Summit Field Repair Buckle Side 0-Pin

$5.95 CAD 234

The Side Release Field Repair Buckle is a replacement for the type of buckles threaded on webbing - for instance, a backpack hipbelt. The Side Release Buckles are not secured by a stainless steel pin, but are a standard style buckle suitable for applications in which adjustment is needed on both sides of the buckle. 

  • 4 Sizes
  •  3/4 in [20mm], 1in [25mm], 1-1/2in [38mm], 2in [50mm]
  • Two ladderlock ends for adjustable webbing.
  • Replaces worn or broken buckles for a range of equipment.
  • For backpack waist belts and strap buckles.
  • Simply thread the webbing through each side of the buckle.
    • Sizing; 4 Sizes
    • 3/4 in [20mm], 1in [25mm], 1-1/2in [38mm], 2in [50mm]
    • Type: Side Release: 
    • Best Usages: Repair broken backpack waist belt buckles and backpack strap buckles