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Seirus Combo Micro Headliner

$49.99 CAD 22230

The Seirus Combo Micro Headliner is the most comfortable midweight headliner.  Microfleece balaclava with Neofleece facemask

  • 4-way stretch Polartec Power Dry Micro Fleece balaclava for comfortable warmth
  • Neofleece facemask blocks wind & cold - Seirus's Warmest Insulation
  • Fits with goggles
  • Mid/Stormweight
  • 4-N-1:
    1. Helmet Liner
    2. Balaclava
    3. Facemask
    4. Neck-Up

Fabric: Polartec, NeoFleece

Weight:  Mid-Stormweight

Usage: Skiing, Snowboarding, Mountaineering, Snowmobiling, Snowshoeing, Winter Fun

NeoFleece: Seirus Warmest Insulation
Polartec: Lightweight wicking and insulation & weather protection