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Sol Thermal Bivvy & Whistle

$44.99 CAD 0140-1221

Fully windproof and water resistant, the Thermal Bivvy provides extreme warmth and protection with a metallized coating that reflects 80% of body heat, preventing heat loss by trapping warm air against your body while keeping the elements out. This durable bivvy includes a tindercord drawstring for emergency fire starting with a built-in rescue whistle. Includes an adjustable footbox and hook and loop closures.

  • 80% Heat Reflective – Metalized coating with up to 80% thermal heat reflectivity traps warm air against your body.
  • Weather Resistant – Thick, durable material is water and wind resistant.
  • Customizable Ventilation – Adjustable footbox and hook and loop closures along top and side openings allow customizable ventilation.
  • Rescue Whistle & Tinder Cord – Includes rescue whistle and tinder cord drawstring for emergency fire starting.
  • Multipurpose Bivvy – Use as a sleeping bag liner or emergency blanket

Dimensions: 84 x 36 inches