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Sterling Accessory Cord 5mm

$1.99 CAD SA5MMC

Sterling Rope offers a wide range of accessory cords in outdoor colors and patterns for general utility purposes. Accessory cords are not for lead climbing or rappelling. Like their other ropes, Sterling puts a little extra engineering into the accessory cords to make them more rugged and easier to knot and use.


  • Sterling 5mm Accessory Cord
  • 5 convenient sizes; 2mm, 3mm, 5mm, 6mm, 7mm
  • Assorted Colors depending on stock availability
  • Not for lead climbing or rappelling
  • Great for; Tie Downs, Lacing...
  • These cords are manufactured to the same exacting standards as all of their dynamic and static life safety rope products

      • Color: Assorted Colors Stocked
      • Length: Price Per Meter
      • Diameter: 5mm
      • Sold Individually or in Bulk 100 meter Spools (Prices on Request!)
      • Call for Current Availability of Spool Colors!