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Teva Mens Mush II Flip Flop Sandal

$34.99 CAD 4168

The Teva Mens Basic Flip Flop - Foot-forming comfort and a kaleidoscope of statement-making strap designs define this next generation of our original Mush sandal.

  • Quick-dry webbing made from recycled plastic using traceable, verifiable REPREVE polyester yarn by Unifi supports your foot and stands up to abuse
  • Mush topsole cushions and forms to your foot for amazing comfort
  • A lightweight EVA-foam outsole keeps you light on your feet
  • Sustainability Initiative(s): Vegan, Webbing made from recycled plastic using traceable, verifiable REPREVE polyester yarn by Unifi
  • Best for: getting around town, summer camp, holiday, travel, casual
  • Mens Casual Flip Flop Sandal
  • Weight: 3.0oz [85g]
  • Water-Ready Polyester Repreve Webbing upper durable & dries quickly
  • Mush topsole cushions and forms to your foot
  • Lightweight EVA-foam outsole
  • Usages: travel, lifestyle, water, casual, festivals, camping
  • Best for: activities in the modern outdoors, all-day wear


  • Outsole: Rugged Durabrsion Rubber Outsole stands up to abuse & supplies great traction.
  • Webbing: Water-Ready Polyester webbing stands up to abuse & dries quickly after getting wet.
  • REPREVE polyester yarn by Unifi®; these sandals save 5 plastic bottles from ending up in landfills

Starting in 2020: Teva Commitment to Sustainability…

100% of our iconic straps are now made using traceable, verifiable recycled plastic. That’s over 9 million plastic bottles kept out of landfills and put to better use strapping sandals to your feet. In addition to our recycled straps, we’re seeking sustainable alternatives for key materials and using less water & waste in our packaging—and this is just the beginning. We want those who come after us to have the freedom to explore the outdoors tomorrow, so we’re reducing our footprint today.

  • Water:  We’re continuing to reduce our overall water usage and work with supply chain partners to improve their conservation efforts. Since 2017, we have saved nearly 380 million gallons of water.
  • Waste: We’re working with our factories and suppliers to reduce waste and divert it from landfills whenever possible. We’re also using less packaging, and since 2017, we’ve reduced nearly 4.6 million pounds of packaging.
  • Materials: In addition to our recycled straps, we’re seeking sustainable and ethical alternatives for key materials, and offer a range of vegan styles each season. Every piece of leather we use is sourced from tanneries certified by Leather Working Group, whose mission is to promote sustainable and appropriate environmental business practices within the leather industry. We also support the Better Cotton Initiative, the largest cotton sustainability program in the world, and have been recognized on the Textile Exchange Leader Board for our use of recycled polyester.
  • UNIFI: We have partnered with Unifi to source REPREVE 100% Recycled Polyester fiber which keeps plastic out of the waste system and waterways, offsets using new petroleum, emits fewer greenhouse gases, and conserves water and energy compared to virgin polyester. We are using Repreve® in all of our webbing straps.
  • THE LEATHER WORKING GROUP: The LWG members work together to maintain an environmental stewardship protocol specifically for the leather manufacturing industry. Leather is certified through a protocol that assesses the sustainable and environmental business practices of leather manufacturers within the industry. All our leather is certified gold or silver and is a bi-product of the meat industry, meaning no animals are killed for their hides.