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Therm-A Rest RidgeRest SOLite Sleeping Pad

$49.95 CAD 05207

This lightweight alternative to the RidgeRest Solar mattress is coated with a layer of our reflective ThermaCapture technology that redirects radiant heat back to your body to amplify warmth. Working in conjunction with the classic RidgeRest peaks and valleys, the SOLite mattress delivers exceptional insulation in an ultralight and virtually indestructible alternative for backcountry travelers. For maximum warmth, use reflective side-up. The Gold Standard in lightweight, closed-cell mattresses.

  • Advanced Warmth: Patent-pending ThermaCapture surface boosts warmth by reflecting radiant heat back to your body.
  • Light & Durable: Virtually indestructible and light enough to carry anywhere.
  • Unique Design: Soft peaks and heat-trapping valleys provide exceptional comfort.

Trek & Travel Packed with new & updated products, Trek & Travel™ mattresses offer excellent comfort, along with the lightweight versatility to go anywhere and do anything. They’re perfect for everyone, from backpackers and globe-trotters, to paddlers and car campers. 

  • Color: Silver Sage
  • Sizing: Assorted
  • R-Value: 2.8
  • Thickness: 0.625 in [1.5 cm]
  • Weight: (Sml) 9 oz. [260g],  (Reg) 14 oz. [400g], (Large) 1lb 3oz. [540 g]
  • Dimensions (WL): (Sml) 20" x 48" [51 x 122 cm], (Reg) 20" x 72" [51 x 183 cm], (Large) 25" x 77" [63 x 196 cm]
  • Packed Dimensions: (Sml) 20" x 6.5" [51 x 17cm](Regular) 20" x 8" [51 x 20cm], (Large) 25" x 8.5" [64 x 22cm]

RidgeRest & Z Lite Technology

These Therm-a-Rest innovations boost the effectiveness and comfort of traditional, flat closed-cell foam pads with heat-formed peaks and valleys. The RidgeRest uses a conventional wave pattern and the Z Lite delivers maximum compactness with a nesting waffle pattern. Both increase dead air space in the “valleys” beneath you to boost warmth, while the peaks maintain support and comfort. In addition, all but our RidgeRest Classic mattress combine these benefits with a dual-density construction that combines a denser, more durable foam on the bottom and a softer, more comfortable foam on top for lasting comfort.

R-Value Warmth - 2.8

Closed-Cell Mattresses:

  • Closed-cell foam is the top choice for backcountry adventurers who value durability and simplicity.
  • We added thermal reflective barriers to all our closed-cell mattresses for increased warmth & resistance to wear.
  • The result is the warmest, most comfortable collection of closed-cell foam mattresses on the market!