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Triglide Slider Buckle - Ladderloc

$1.49 CAD NTR

  • Sliders are the perfect piece of hardware for creating a loop in webbing material without sewing.
  • This is the same non-metallic hardware being used by many "quality conscious" manufactures of outdoor gear.
  • In many cases the FASTEX hardware has been found to be stronger than their metal counter-parts.
  • Made of black Delrin.
  • Available in 4 convenient sizes; 3/4", 1", 1-1/2", 2" Sizing
  • Creating a loop in webbing material without sewing
  • Ladder Lock Buckle
  • Double Ladderloc Side Release Buckle

Sizing Available:

  • 3/4"  
  • 1"  
  • 1.5" 
  • 2"  
  • Sold Individually or in Bulk (Request Price Quote)
  • Color: Black