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UCO Waterproof Matches - 4 Pack

$6.99 CAD MT-WAT-4PK

Repel water and ensure a more consistent light in the outdoors with UCO’s Waterproof Matches. Ideal for adventures in adverse conditions, barbequing on the boat or an unexpected emergency, these matches have a durable waterproof coating that provides the security of light and warmth in compromising situations. Each packet contains 4 boxes of 40 matches each (160 total matches), so stash a box in your backpack, glove box, survival kit and boating supplies for a little peace of mind.
  • Matches  = Waterproof = Up to 15 Second Burn Time
  • Includes 160 total matches
  • Waterproof safety matches light even after being soaked in water.
  • Sturdy carbonized match stick for safe and reliable fire starting.
  • Water-resistant box and strikers.
  • Ideal for camping, hiking, boating, survival kits, etc.
  • Contains 4 boxes with 40 matches per box. (160 total matches)
  • Upgrade to the UCO Stormproof Match (Wind/Water/Submersible)
    • Size: One Size
    • Match Box Weight: 0.8 oz. [22 g]
    • Quantity: Contains 4 boxes with 40 matches per box.
    • Total: 160 matches
    • Type:  Waterproof 
    • Burn Time: Up to 15 Seconds
    • Length:  2.125" [5.4 cm]
    • Usages: Camping, Hiking, Climbing, Boating, Survival Kits


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    • For lighting a match, it is ideal if the striker is a firm surface which can usually be achieved by just closing the box.
    • If striker and box become wet, the striker will still work, but needs to dry first so that the surface is once again firm. Use a spare striker until then.
    • If matches become wet, just wipe dry before use.



    • Strike away from the body or in a downwards position. Be careful of bystanders.
    • Be careful when striking the match since sparks can fly off the igniting head.
    • After using the match, run it in water to be certain that it will not light anything else on fire.