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Faber Montagnay Snowshoe [175-350Lbs]

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Faber Montagnay Snowshoe [175-350Lbs]

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  • Montagnay, Classic Lacing: Built with a flat toe and two curved cross bars for a stronger frame, the Montagnay snowshoe has a round shape to maximize flotation and is well adapted to the dense forest of northern Quebec & Ontario where your are confronted with obstacles, stumps and dead falls... 
  • The beaver tail acts as a rudder & allows the snowshoe to stay in a straight line with each step.
  •  It also acts as a counter-balance aiding the foot's pivot through the toe hole and helping to discharge large accumulations of snow from the snowshoe while walking.  
  • The classic lacing on this snowshoe is a really tight lacing, ideal for powder snow conditions or breaking trails of unpacked snow!
  • A good snowshoe for a big guy! Larger snowshoes provide a more stable gait.

Size: 18x39

Capacity: 175-350l


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