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Faber Sport Snowshoe Classic [75-200Lbs]

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Faber Sport Snowshoe Classic [75-200Lbs]

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  • Sport Snowshoes are utilized in more FORESTED areas.
  • Breaking trails of unpacked snow!
  • Confronted with obstacles stumps, dead falls...
  • Larger snowshoes provide a more stable gait!
  • Short tips will minimize the accumulation of snow on front while walking.

Sport Classic: The sport model has two cross bars and a tail, which act as a stabilizer or a guide for the snowshoe. They also balance the snowshoe to ease walking and to help discharge snow from the snowshoe. Ideal for recreational walks in all sorts of conditions, this is the most versatile traditional snowshoe style. The classic lacing is tight, ideal for powder snow conditions.

Faber Traditional Wooden Snowshoes


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