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Faber U.S. Continental Snowshoe [150-300Lbs]

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Faber U.S. Continental Snowshoe [150-300Lbs]

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  • A hybrid between an Ojibway and a Sport Snowshoe.
  • Built with two tightly fit cross-bars tenons and a round nose, the U.S. is a really narrow snowshoe but extra long to offer maximum flotation. Short tips will minimize the accumulation of snow on front while walking!
  • The narrow form allows for a use similar to skis, to explore plains, open fields, long distance activities.
  • The model was built in the American territory where taller trees allowed the fabrication of a really long snowshoe with a single piece of wood; in Northern Canada where trees were smaller, the Ojibwa was built with two shorter pieces of wood. 
  • The heavy duty lacing is ideal for spring time conditions and wet snow.

Size: 12 x 60

Capacity: 150-300l


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