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Faber Winter Guide Hybrid Snowshoe [Max 350Lbs]

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Faber Winter Guide Hybrid Snowshoe [Max 350Lbs]

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  • With one of the best user weight vs flotation ratio, this snowshoe is ideal for those seeking a deep snow/backcountry experience.
  • Wet snow, often found when hotter temperatures come around, does not stick to its wooden frame.
  • The suspended free rotation pivot provides a maximum flotation and facilitate a light step.
  • The decking, with its 14 oversized crampons, its 6 tempered steel tips and its front traction bar ensure a sound grip in icy conditions.
  • The binding is easy to use and helps get a comfortable full stride.
  • The perfect combination between ancestral knowledge and new technologies, these hard wood frames snowshoes and high tech decking are well adapted for off trail conditions and well liked for wildlife observation and exploration.



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