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Mcnett Seam Grip Seam Sealer 1oz. Tube

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Mcnett Seam Grip Seam Sealer 1oz. Tube

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  • Excellent adhesion, long lasting flexibility, superior traction and abrasion resistance, with minimal shrinkage.
  • Is a urethane-based seam sealer & repair adhesive.
  • The best product to seal and repair all types of fabrics except those treated with silicone.
  • Self levels to create a good looking sealed seam.
  • An extremely strong repair adhesive.
  • Permanently seals and repairs tent, backpack, outerwear and footwear fabrics including PU coated fabrics, Gore Tex fabric and more.
  • Seam Grip won't bond properly to sil nylon or other silicone treated fabrics.

  • SEAM GRIP from the McNett Corporation is a flexible urethane sealer that's actually two products in one!
  • It seals seams permanently with one application and can repair holes or tears in hundreds of different items.
  • SEAM GRIP is waterproof, abrasion resistant and will stretch over 100%!
  • Use precleaner to provide adhesion & accelerator to cut drying time from 24 to 2 hrs.

Size: 1oz

Colour: Sealer



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