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Yanes Ascent Pro Deluxe Snowshoe (5 Sizes)

$109.95 CAD APS

The New Yanes Ascent Deluxe Snowshoes are ideal for Recreational Snowshoeing.  These Lightweight but versatile snowshoes have the New Easy to Use Dual Nylon Web "Pull & Lock" Bindings as well as the Tear Drop Tapered Rear Heel for ease of walking "Toe to Heel" which improves your gait in most snow conditions. Each pair ships in a handy carry bag. 5 Adult Sizes to choose from in assorted colors. These snowshoes have a new 3 Year Warranty!

  • MODELS: 5 Adult Weight Options to choose from this season!
  • FRAME: Tubular Aluminum grade 7075 3/4" diameter with a tapered rear end for improving your gait when walking in most snow conditions. Toe to Heel Walking.
  • DECKING: Rugged Polyurethane, Resilient to -50C, High Abrasion Resistance
  • PIVOT: Rubber Heavy Duty Hypalon Strap Pivot, Allows for greater flex & articulation
  • BINDING: The New Dual Pull / Lock Nylon Webbing Assembly allows you to engage your bindings without having to remove your mitts or gloves.
  • CRAMPONS: 6063 Aluminum, Aggressive grip on ice and snow! Fine Edge Crampon for stabelizing the rear heel of your snow boots.
  • INCLUDED: Zippered Carry Tote Bag with Shoulder Strap with every snowshoe purchase
  • COLOURS: Offered up to 4 colors, assortments include blue, red, black and grey. We ship what is available from our inventory.
  • RECOMMENDED FOR:  Recreational Snowshoeing, Rental & fleet Programs, Schools and Outer Programs where concern over wear and tear is a critical issue! Gives you a great cardio workout but can be enjoyed for the whole family.
  • WARRANTY: New 3 Year Warranty

MODEL: 5 Styles Available (Assorted: Red, Blue, Grey, Black) 
SHAPE: Elongated Bear Paw - Tapered Heel for toe to heel gait when walking in most snow conditions.
RECOMMENDED FOR: Packed Snow/Trails

USAGES: Recreational, Sport, Fleet, Groups


5630: Youth/Women Sizing 

  • Size: 9" x 22" [23cm - 56cm] > Heel Tapers down to 5" [12.7cm]
  • Weight: 3.55lb. [1.61kg] per pair
  • Capacity: Youth/Women recommended up to 125lbs [57kg.]

6830: Adult/Women Sizing:   

  • Size: 9" x 27" [23cm - 68cm] > Heel Tapers down to 5" [12.7cm]
  • Weight: 3.85lb. [1.75kg]
  • Capacity: Adults recommended up to 160lbs [73kg.]

7830: Adult Sizing  

  • Size: 9" x 30" [23cm - 78cm] > Heel Tapers down to 5" [12.7cm]
  • Weight: 4.35lb. [1.97kg]
  • Capacity: Adults recommended up to 200lbs [91 kg.]

8630: Adult Sizing  

  • Size: 9" x 34" [23cm - 86cm] > Heel Tapers down to 5" [12.7cm]
  • Weight: 4.65lb. [2.11kg]
  • Capacity: Adults recommended up to 250lbs [113 kg.]

9230: Adult Sizing

  • Size: 10" x 36" [25cm - 92cm] > Heel Tapers down to 6" [15.2cm]
  • Weight: 4.85 lb. [2.20kg]
  • Capacity: Adults Recommended up to 300lbs [136 kg.]