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Bushline Fine Mesh Bug Packer Jacket Kids

$21.99 CAD 3080

Feel the breeze go through - the most desirable feature in spring and summer. Protection against: Mosquitoes, Black Flies, Sand Fleas, Deer Flies and all other bugs. Great to have when fishing, gardening, hiking, photography, hunting, tree planting, travel, camping, bird watching...and much much more!!! A kids bug jacket. Pants are not included.

    • Ultralight, ideal for backpackers
    • Fine mesh mosquito netting construction, keeps out the smallest insects
    • Pullover style
    • Nylon waist and wrist cuffs
    • Nylon waist with drawcord & cordlock
    • Nylon leg cuffs
    • Complete with mesh stuff bag
    • Kids Pants are Not Available only Adult Bug Packer Pants.
    • Color: Olive Green
    • Sizing: Kids S - XL
    • Fabric: Tightly fine mesh nylon, Bug Proof Mesh Sides
    • Usage: Camping, Sporting Events, Summer Camp