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Coghlan's Mini Air Signal Horn

$14.99 CAD 1414
The Coghlans Mini Signal Air Horn is Loud enough to be heard up to one mile away and small enough to stow anywhere, this air horn is great for deterring animals or emergency signaling if lost. It utilizes an easy to operate push button.

  • 115dB Blast
  • Personal Usage: Boating, Biking, Hiking, Bear Country
  • USCG regulation compliant
  • Approximately 70 Blasts

Attach horn to air canister. Depress button to sound the horn. Use short blasts. Pushing the button down and holding will diminish the sound quality and volume level.
  • Sizing: One Size
  • 115dB Noise
  • Approximately 70 Blasts
  • USCG Regulation
  • Usages: Sporting Events, Emergency Signalling, Trekking, Walking, Hiking, Boating, Kayaking, Canoeing