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Coghlan's Mosquito Coils - 10/Pack

$3.99 CAD 8686

An effective way of keeping away those pesky bugs at night or during the day! Great for fumigating your tent before going to bed so you don't hear the buzzing at night! Except your own snoring... Kills & Repels mosquitoes! Use it with the Coghlans Coil Holder; a convenient way to keep your Coil holders from causing fire or damage.
  • Active Ingredient: D-CIS TRANS ALLETHRIN 0.20%
  • REG. NO. 33250 P.C.P. ACT
  • Kills and repels mosquitoes.
  • Coils are burned to release active ingredient in the smoke
  • Each coil will burn six hours or more.
  • Contains: 10 coils, two metal stands.                                
  • Net weight: 4.4oz [125g]
  • Active ingredient: 0.23% d-cis trans allethrin
  • Contents: 10 coils, 2 metal stands/box