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Coghlan's Mosquito Coil Holders

$5.99 CAD 8688

A necessity if you are camping, tree planting, boating during the Mosquito Seasons. Yes they will protect your tent from burning! The easy, convenient way to burn Mosquito Coils. Not essential (Coghlan Coils come with a metal stand) but the holder is more. Use Coghlan's Mosquito Coils to effectively get rid of Mosquitos...

    • Safe even if overturned the glass fiber nets hold the coil firmly
    • Efficient design allows coil to totally burn
    • Small or broken pieces can be used as well
    • Versatile - You can hang it up or lay if flat
    • Clean - the ash remains in the holder
    • Round Diameter seperates to put Mosquito Coils inside.
    • Glass fiber nets hold coil firmly and allows coil to burn totally.